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Print Coupons - Instructions

Dear Exclusive Seller,


These are the steps for downloading and printing coupons in Google Chrome.


We suggest that you click the 'Print this page' link on the bottom on the pane on the right.


1.  Download the Coupon in PDF format by right clicking the link below, and choosing 'Save Link As', and placing it onto your desktop.


2.  Chrome will automatically open the PDF.  Scroll down, and enter your coupon code ( i.e. Alice1 / Alice2 ), and press TAB (to fill the page on the right)


3.  Click on the 'Print' button in the PDF right below where you entrered your coupon codes.


4.  You can either print straight to a printer, with as many copies as you like.


5.  Or, by 'Destintation', Change the output to 'Save As PDF' and click the 'Save' button.  Again, save it to your desktop as <YourName>.pdf


6.  After saving, you can always open it and print copies at any time!


7.  Send your email to your followers, attaching the file you created in step 5.


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