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Total Sesame Seeds - The Facts

Sesame seeds are bursting with nutritional value. They are a rich source of the following vitamins and nutrients:

  • Copper
    • Alleviates the painful swelling of rheumatoid arthritis
    • Contributes tthe structure and strength of bones and blood vessels
    • Necessary for nerve function
    • Factors inthemoglobin production
  • Calcium
    • Necessary tmaintain bone density
    • Essential for healthy blood clotting
  • Magnesium
    • Reduces hypertension
    • Stimulates a healthy appetite
  • Iron
    • Important element in synthesizing neurotransmitters
    • Used tcreate red blood cells
      • Essential for hemoglobin functionality
      • Hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the body
    • Necessary for normal muscle function
    • Assists in regulation of body temperature
  • Phosphorous
    • Necessary tform healthy, strong bones and teeth
    • Aids in waste excretion from kidneys
    • Helps maintain an alert, active mind
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)
    • Transforms blood sugar intenergy
    • High does may facilitate treatment for Alzheimer's
    • Important for the cardiovascular system tperform properly
  • Zinc
    • Facilitates wound healing
    • Improves liver function
    • Decreases risk of respiratory conditions in children
    • Boosts cell reproduction
  • Dietary fiber
    • Regulates your digestive system

Sesame seeds alscontain twlignans called sesamin and sesamolin. Both sesamin and sesamolin play an active role in lowering the body's cholesterol levels and reducing hypertension.

Open nutrition facts for sprouted, un-hulled sesame compared with other Tahini products

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