About us

Field of Nuts is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive distributors of Jerusalem Sesame Products Company in the US. The Jerusalem Sesame Products Corporation is a well-established institution that focuses heavily on all-natural and nutritious products. It was founded in 1967 by Roger Berman, a scientist and mechanical engineer who earned his degree from Cornell University. Jerusalem Sesame has spent many years researching and developing advanced techniques to preserve the natural nutritional value and flavor of all our products.


After many years of research and experiments conducted by Mr. Berman, the Jerusalem Sesame Products Corporation pioneered a unique instrument exclusive to Field of Nuts' products. He invented a unique patented mill to grind whole nuts in large quantities without the use of any heat or chemicals, thus producing products of the highest nutrition and quality possible. Additionally, this machine peels the thin inner skin from our almonds, cleans our sesame seeds, and grinds all of our hand-selected nuts and seeds without chemicals, human contact, or heat. This is all done while our premium quality produce is still raw,thus retaining the nutritional properties and great taste of the raw nuts and seeds.


At Field of Nuts we are proud to present Almondie Almond Butter, one the high-grade nut butters by the Jerusalem Sesame Products Corporation. Other products include Pistachio butterCashew butterBrazil nut butter, and more, all produced from sustainably grown nuts that have been manufactured raw without using heat or chemicals. Jerusalem Sesame Products Company also produces Max Sesame, a Tahini spread that is completely unique on the market. Max Sesame uses pre-sprouted, whole, unhulled sesame seeds that have been ground raw, preserving the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make sesame seeds so nutritious. 

At Field of Nuts, we pride ourselves on the superior quality and nutrition of the products that we distribute. We hope to continue to serve you with the highest quality natural nuts and seeds butters to bring you the best taste and the highest nutritional value that you deserve.

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