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Field of Nuts is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Jerusalem Sesame Company, a well-established manufacturer of all-natural and nutritious nut and seed products.


Founded in 1967 by Roger Berman, a mechanical engineer with a degree from Cornell University, Jerusalem Sesame has spent many years researching and developing manufacturing processes that preserve the natural nutritional value and flavor of its products.


Field of Nuts’ flagship product is Almondie, a unique almond butter made from 100% raw, peeled almonds. Almondie is different from all other almond butters thanks to the two patented machines. One machine is used for peeling the almonds in a cold process and the other machine is used to immediately grinding the peeled almonds in a cold press process.


Peeling and grinding at low temperatures ensures that our almonds retain all of their original vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and that these are easily absorbed by the body.
All of our nut and seed butters are ground in the same, patented, grinding machine at low temperatures, thereby preserving their rawness and full nutritional value.


Other almond butters (that are called “made from peeled almonds”) are made from blanched almonds that are peeled in one facility and ground in another. Therefore the almonds would need to be coated in chemicals in order to preserve the almonds from going bad. Almondie is unique in that both the peeling and grinding take place in the same place. There is no need for preservatives or chemicals to preserve our almonds. They are simply peeled and ground fresh, raw, and unroasted for your maximum nutritional benefit.


Organic Max Sesame, a Tahini spread that is a completely unique product. Max Sesame uses pre-sprouted, whole, un-hulled sesame seeds that have been ground raw, preserving the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make sesame seeds so nutritious.


Other Field of Nut products include Pistachio butter, Cashew butter, Brazil Nut butter, and more, most of the butters are produced from sustainably grown nuts. All butters have been manufactured raw without the use of heat or chemicals.
Our organic butters are Max Sesame Tahini, Total Sesame Tahini, and Pumpkin Seed Butter.


All of our raw nut and seed butters are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and have been shown to be helpful in alleviating countless ailments including indigestion and chronic fatigue. In the words of the great Benjamin Franklin, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." A well-rounded diet including raw nuts and seeds is one of the most effective preventative measures against serious ailments such as high cholesterol and heart disease.


At Field of Nuts, we pride ourselves on the superior quality and nutrition of the products that we distribute. We hope to continue to serve you with the highest quality natural nut and seed butters to bring you the best taste and the highest nutritional value that you deserve.


Experience the Difference of Raw Nuts and Seeds Today!


Eat Raw. Eat Field of Nuts.


Stay tuned for more products made from Raw Nuts & Seeds, Coming soon ....


The first machine peels the almonds without the use of chemicals or human contact.


They are immediately ground to a creamy butter and jarred to preserve their natural freshness. No chemicals or preservatives are used in Field of Nuts nut and seed butters. We make the purest, highest-caliber nut and seed butters on the market.


The second machine is an exclusive machine for grinding large quantities of raw nuts and seeds at very low temperatures, without roasting them, thereby preserving their rawness and nutritional value.


Most grinding machines that are sold in the market can only grind nuts and seeds once they’ve been roasted and are crunchy and easy to grind. Our patented machine is the only machine that can grind raw nuts and seeds without roasting them at all.

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The third machine is an exclusive machine for cleaning our sesame seeds without chemicals or human contact. The advantage of this machine is that it ensures that the nutritional value of the hulls of the sesame seeds remain intact. A large part of the nutritional value is found in the hull of the sesame seed. Therefore Max Sesame gives you the MAX in nutrition.

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