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Almond Milk

Almondie Almond Milk - Pure and Raw Almond Milk Concentrate

Almondie is the only 100% PURE almond milk concentrate on the market that is totally RAW, unpasteurized, and preservative free! Simply add water to enjoy the delicious, naturally sweet taste and numerous health benefits of Almondie Almond Milk. Almondie makes a delicious protein and calcium rich milk substitute for those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to milk, or are unable to digest soy. Unlike other almond milk products on the market that are made from a combination of pasteurized almonds, sugar, water, emulsifiers, and stabilizers, Almondie is the only 100% pure, raw choice without any additives, preservatives, or chemicals!

Drinking Almondie Almond Milk is a fast, easy, and delicious way to add a tremendous amount of nutrition to your diet.

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Almondie Almond Milk can be prepared using a blender or stirring by hand by following these simple instructions:


    By Blender:

You can prepare your Almondie almond milk substitute by blending 8 ounces of lukewarm water with 2 teaspoons of Almondie Almond Butter at a high speed using an electric blender.

    By Hand:
  1. Add 2 teaspoons of Almondie Almond Butter to 2 ounces of lukewarm or warm water and stir well.
  2. Once the Almondie has fully dissolved, add another six ounces of cool water* to the mixture and blend well by stirring vigorously by hand.
  3. Modify the consistency of your almond milk to taste by simply varying the water to almond butter ratio. Although Almondie is naturally sweet, add the sweetener of your choice if additional sweetness is desired.

* When preparing Almondie Almond Milk for babies, it is advisable to use six ounces of previously boiled or distilled filtered water.

Note: Since Almondie Almond Milk is preservative free, it must be refrigerated immediately after blending and should be consumed within 24 hours.


1 jar of Almondie contain 24 Tablespoons: View Nutrition Facts


You can either make 36 cups of Almond milk from 1 jar of Almondie (12 oz.) Or 24 cups of Almond milk if you desire a thicker consistency.


1 jar of Almondie (12 oz.) Preparation Instructions:


You can make almond milk with 2 options:


1.  You can prepare 36 cups of Almond milk (which equal to 9 liters of almond milk) from 1 jar of Almondie if you are using 2 tsp. per cup.


2. If you want your almond milk thicker & richer add 1 tsp. to each cup.                                                                                                                        

You can prepare 24 cups of Almond milk (which equal to 6 liters of almond milk) from 1 jar of Almondie if you are using 1 Tbsp. per cup.

1 liter contain around 4 cups of Almond milk.


Enjoy your Almondie Almond Milk!


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Nutritional Benefits:

Almond milk made from Almondie almond butter is a sweet and healthy alternative to milk and other milk substitutes. Almondie's peeled almonds are easy to digest and are rich in nutritional benefits. One ounce of Almondie provides 37% of your daily allowance of vitamin E, 32% of manganese, 20% of magnesium (more than oatmeal and spinach), 17% riboflavin, 14% of phosphorus, 14% of dietary fiber, 14% of copper, 12% of protein, as well as high levels of zinc, potassium, iron and folic acid. It also contains as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk with 6 times less carbohydrates: one cup of Almondie milk has only 2g carbohydrates, while cow's milk has 12g carbohydrates per cup! Additionally, one ounce of Almondie contains less than 9 calories. Because almonds are so densely packed with essential nutrients, adding them to your daily diet can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and is an effective way of fighting and preventing cardiovascular disease.

View Nutrition Facts

Check out Almondie’s nutrition-packed almond butter at our online store.

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