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Nuts and Your Immune System

Your immune response to attacking bacteria and viruses is very much related to your nutrient intake. Without adequate nutrition, your body simply won’t have the strength to counteract infection. Below is a list of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your body needs for optimal immune system function – and why:

  • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can boost the immune systems of elderly people in relatively good health. It also counteracts free radicals that destroy cytokine pathways and impair your immune function.
  • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin C boosts the production of white blood cells in your body as well increasing antibodies. According to a study performed in South Africa, an intake of 1,000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C per day increseases levels of IgM antibodies by approximately 20%. (IgM antibodies are the “first response unit” when bacteria and viruses attack your body. Vitamin C also increases interferon levels in your body. Interferon is the antibody that covers cellular surfaces to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering.
      • Nuts rich in vitamin C
        • Hazelnuts
        • Pistachios
  • Zinc
    • Zinc plays a large role in managing the stability of your immune system and your immune response by increasing the levels of T cells found in your body. Zinc deficiency intensifies your vulnerability to a variety of infectious diseases such as pneumonia, especially in children.
  • Selenium
    • Selenium is a mineral that is essential for your immune system to function properly. It also activates cancer-fighting cells and can stop the chain of events leading from HIV to AIDS.
      • Nuts rich in selenium:
        • Almonds
        • Brazil nuts
        • Walnuts
  • Bioflavonoids
    • Bioflavonoids prevent damage to the body due to environmental contaminants. They are also necessary for fighting off infections and diseases. Nuts in general are quite high in bioflavonoids.



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