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Benefits & Uses

Prevent Health Problems

Natural antacid

Almondie naturally neutralizes stomach acid, relieving indigestion.
To prevent or treat indigestion, use Almondie before or after meals. Eat 1 heaping teaspoon of Almondie with 1 glass of water, alternating between Almondie and sips of water. Taking Almondie before meals will help you avoid indigestion altogether. Almondie treats acid indigestion naturally for two reasons. First, the thin, brown acidic skin is removed from the raw almond kernel, which eliminates harmful acids from Almondie. Second, Almondie is rich in calcium, which is a natural antacid.
Read testimonials written by people suffering from acid indigestion

Improves cardiovascular health

Almondie Almond Butter is naturally rich in Vitamin E, which promotes proper blood circulation, and magnesium, which is necessary for proper heart function.

Helps Diabetics Control Blood Sugar Levels

Almondie Almond Butter is a delicious low carbohydrate option that can help diabetics control their blood sugar level. Consuming Almondie on a regular basis can lower blood sugar levels and reduce cardiovascular complications of Type II diabetes.

Moreover, almond milk is a valuable low-carbohydrate substitute for regular milk. One cup of Almondie milk has 2g carbohydrates, while cow milk has 12g carbohydrates per cup!

Lowers cholesterol levels

Almonds Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

New research published online in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association indicates that almonds may lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol levels in people with unhealthy cholesterol levels.

The studies show that the group eating a full portion of almonds reduced their LDL cholesterol by 9.4% and raised their HDL cholesterol by 4.6%. The half-portion phase reduced LDL cholesterol level by 4.4% and raised the HDL cholesterol level by 3.8%.

Doctors however worry that eating nuts might lead to weight gain, an added risk factor for heart disease. This is due to nuts' high fat and calorie content.

It is important to use almonds as a substitute, not in addition to other foods in the regular diet. Almonds should be natural or "dry roasted" without added oils or salts.

Almondie Almond Butter is cholesterol-free.

Prevent osteoporosis

Calcium is vitally important to the elderly because it helps maintain bone density. Almondie’s rich calcium content makes it highly recommended for osteoporosis patients.

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