What is

Introducing: Almondie™ Almond Milk
from Almondie™ Almond Butter


Make The Purest Almond Milk in 30 Seconds
with No Additives or Preservatives!


Blend 2-3 tsp. of Almondie™ almond butter with 1 cup of water
and instantly enjoy the most delicious, nutritious, all natural milk
substitute that nature has to offer!

  • Add dates or honey to naturally sweeten
  • Add more Almondie for a thicker consistency
  • Since Almondie Almond Milk is preservative free,
    it must be refrigerated immediately after blending
    and should be consumed within 72 hours


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Drinking Almondie Almond Milk is a fast, easy, and delicious way
to add a tremendous amount of nutrition to your diet.


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