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Max Sesame

MAX Sesame - An authentic taste and a perfect natural food!

Want to reach MAXimum Health?

Enjoy the natural taste of raw, organic, whole (unhulled) MAX Sesame Tahini by Field
of Nuts.

Our MAX Sesame Tahini is produced from raw (unroasted), pre-sprouted, un-hulled,
whole, USDA-certified organic sesame seeds. Our sesame seeds are soaked, pre-
sprouted, and immediately ground in a cold-press process when they are at their
nutritional peak without the use of any chemicals, additives, preservatives, or

The seeds contain large amounts of nutrients, while the pre-sprouting process binds
the minerals and proteins, ensuring MAXimum digestion and quick absorption of
nutrients in your body. The seeds are ground totally raw without roasting using an
innovative cold-press process. It does not contain any other ingredients,
preservatives, salt or additives. The seeds are ground into a thick creamy butter
preserving their complete nutritional value and delicious and authentic taste.

When you eat a tablespoon of MAX Sesame Tahini within seconds an abundance of
nutrients will absorb into your bloodstream giving you energy, leading to increased
iron, calcium, strength and vitality.

MAX Sesame Tahini is ground sesame paste used in Middle Eastern and
Mediterranean cooking, most commonly as a dip or sauce.

"MAX Sesame Tahini - Taking Nutrition to the MAX!"


Total Sesame

Total Sesame / Net WT. 12 oz (340 g) Ingredients: 100% whole un - hulled organic sesame seeds. Discover the sweet, flavorful taste of Total Sesame Tahini made with whole, unhulled USDA Certified Organic sesame seeds. Total Sesame is produced from a naturally sweet species of sesame that is lightly roasted and then immediately ground whole using our exclusive cold press method without the use of any added sugar or additives. This method makes Total Sesame Tahini chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and gives it its uniquely delicious and exotic flavor.