: Almondie Almond Butter –100% Pure, Raw Almond Butter and Almond Milk Concentrate

Taste and Feel the Difference of Raw Almond Butter!

Deliciously Digestible Almond Butter

Almond Butter by Field of Nuts —Taste and Feel the Difference of Pure, Raw Nuts

Almondie- ALmond Butter

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A Great Healthy Source of Nutrition & Vitamins

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as a Delicious Creamy Spread

Or Make it into Pure Almond Milk

Almondie is made from raw, unroasted, peeled, sustainably-grown, select, California almonds. Almondie Almond Butter is the only 100% pure almond butter on the market that is totally raw, peeled, and chemical free! Almondie contains absolutely no preservatives or added sugar.


Almondie is pure, peeled almonds ground to creamy perfection. It makes a great spread for whole wheat bread or crackers or it can be made into the healthiest almond milk possible. It takes 30 seconds to make Almondie Milk: simply blend 2-3 tsps. of Almondie™ Almond Butter with one cup water for the purest, most wholesome almond milk that nature can offer.



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Almondie makes a quick, healthy meal, beverage or snack for those following a low-carb, Paleo, SCD or keto diet. Almondie is Kosher, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, and SCD-approved. Almondie™ is the healthy solution for today's on-the-go generation!


Experience the Difference of Raw, Pure nuts & seeds butters