FAQs: Almondie Almond Butter

Why is Almondie superior to consuming raw & unpeeled almonds?

If consumed whole, the nutrients from almonds are not completely absorbed into the bloodstream. Almondie Almond Butter is produced from ground almonds in a cold press process. The grinding process breaks down the cellular structure of the almonds and exposes all of the nutrients that comprise almonds to the digestive system.

Our almond butter is produced from presh, prime almonds which have had their thin inner peels removed during our manufacturing process. Almond peels contain tannic acid and enzyme inhibitors, which may contribute to indigestion. The almonds are soaked in cold water, and then go through an intensive machine that peels them gently. This process makes Almondie more digestible than raw almonds.

Peeled or unpeeled almonds? Which are better?

An almond is a combination of two things, the kernel and the brown peel. The brown peel contains tannic acid and enzyme inhibitors, which hinder digestion. The inner almond nut is full of calcium, which is an antacid natural medicine. Eating peeled, raw almond kernels such as those in Almondie, therefore aids digestion by reducing stomach acid.

Why do people prefer to eat Almondie Almond Butter rather than raw nut kernels?

When buying raw peeled, store-bought almonds, they are often coated with preservatives to keep them fresh.

When buying sliced or slivered almonds, they are usually dried or roasted, which takes away many of the nutritional benefits.

Eating Almondie assures that all the vitamins and minerals are completely utilized. When you eat a tablespoon of Almondie Almond Butter, within seconds an abundance of nutrients will absorb into your bloodstream giving you energy, leading to increased strength and vitality.

How do fresh, peeled almonds affect our digestive system?

At Almondie, we remove the thin inner peels of our almonds in order to increase the digestibility of our almond butter. The thin inner peels of almonds contain tannic acid and enzyme inhibitors, both of which hinder the digestive system. Almondie’s goal is to manufacture a product which will be suitable for anyone, including those suffering from digestive issues and other medical conditions.

What is the purpose of soaking almonds, and why do people remove the skin?

Our unique Field of Nuts Almond Butter made from fresh, prime almonds that have been peeled from their outer skin. The almonds are soaked in cold water, and then go through an intensive machine that peels them gently.

Peeling breaks down the enzyme inhibitors and in that sense does make them more easily digestible. Soaking leaches out some tannic acid, which interferes with the absorption of a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially iron. That is why often, people who eat almonds remove the skin.

Why is Almondie superior to other kinds of blanched almond butters in the market?

Enjoy Almondie as a delicious creamy spread or make it into 100% Pure Almond Milk. Almondie is made from raw, unroasted, peeled, carefully selected, sustainably-grown, California almonds. Almondie contains absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, or added sugar.

Field of Nuts uses patented machines for peeling the fresh, prime raw almonds in a cold process and then immediately grinding them cold in the same factory. These cold processes allow the almonds to retain all their nutritional value and naturally sweet flavor.

Some other brands of almond butters are made from blanched almonds that are peeled (using boiling water which diminishes the almonds’ nutritional value) in one facility and ground in another. Therefore the almonds need to be coated in chemicals in order to preserve them and prevent them from going bad.

How many almonds are contained in one teaspoon of Almondie Almond Butter?

There are approximately 6 almonds in a teaspoon.

As a nursing mother, why should I choose Almondie over any other almond butter on the market?

• Almondie Almond Butter is beneficial for nursing moms and babies, providing important nutrients and vitamins in an easily digestible and absorbable form.

• Choose to eat Almondie Almond butter. Eat 2-3 tbsp. of Almondie daily as a tasty, nutritious snack, to help make your milk richer and thicker.

Lactation consultants and nutritionists recommend Almondie to nursing mothers, in order to increase the quantity and quality of your breast milk. Your baby will reach a healthy weight, be calmer & more content.

• Eating Almondie alkalizes your breast milk, making it less acidic and therefore alleviating your baby’s suffering from colic.

• Eating Almondie relieves your digestive system and eliminates digestive acids from your breast milk, minimizing and alleviating your baby general digestive discomfort as gas, diarrhea and constipation.

Almondie Almond Butter is made of 100% fresh, raw, prime almonds. Almondie is manufactured entirely from almond kernels which are peeled and acid-free. The thin brown skins contain tannins and enzyme inhibitors which can cause indigestion.

The peeled almonds are high in calcium, which is the active ingredient in many antacid medicines. This makes Almondie the perfect food for preventing indigestion and acid reflux for moms and babies. Eating almonds without their peel helps purify your breast milk and therefore alleviates baby’s colic.

Almondie is also rich in protein, magnesium, vitamins B & E, and other essential nutrients and easily absorbed. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to get adequate nutrition from the food we consume. Many people rely on synthetic vitamin pills to get their nutrition, however no vitamin pill can substitute for good, natural, nutritious food.

Why is Almondie excellent nutrition for young children?

Almondie is suitable for use as a substitute for children with milk, soy or other allergies. It can be added to Rice Dream to improve nutrition, and provides a delicious, calcium-rich drink for building strong bones, muscles, and healthy teeth. It is not recommended to give children under the age of five whole nuts.

By mixing Almondie into cereal, your child will benefit from all the rich almond nutrients without risk of choking. Almondie also alleviates ear infections and eases diarrhea. It can be safely used for children with digestive problems.

Who can benefit from Almondie Almond Butter?

Eating Almondie

• Gives people strength to get through fast days, eases fasting before surgery, and helps speed post-surgery recuperation

• Is recommended for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk, or suffer from digestive problems or celiac disease

• Helps those with sensitive digestion and is particularly suitable for the elderly

• Neutralizes and relieves heartburn and stomach acidity

• Alkalizes nursing mothers’ milk, making it less acidic. Therefore:

• Alleviates baby’s suffering from colic, gas, and constipation

• Increases the quantity and quality of breast milk

• During pregnancy, Almondie contains vitamin B9 which is Folic Acid. It converts food into energy and is an essential nutrient

• Provides general strengthening of the body, especially after bypass surgery

• Almondie can be added to baby formula for babies who are milk-sensitive

PLEASE NOTE that we are recommending adding Almondie to your baby’s formula or milk to enhance its nutritional value. It’s not intended to be a replacement for milk or formula. Speak to your medical team or health provider for more information.

PLEASE NOTE - Those above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or allergy.

How Almondie can Boost Your Health and Energy Levels

• It contains calcium and protein, which are essential and particularly recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, for building and strengthening the bones and healthy blood cells

• Almondie contains a tremendous amount of vitamins & minerals which combat cardiovascular disease and “bad” LDL cholesterol

• Almondie helps prevent diseases

• Almondie’s nutrients are plant-based which are better and more quickly absorbed by the body than nutrients from animal-based sources

Is Almondie Kosher?


All Field of Nuts Nut Butters are under the supervision of the Badatz Eida Chareidis in Jerusalem, Israel.

Badatz Eida Chareidis is one of the most trusted kashrus agencies around the world. All of Field of Nuts Nut Butters’ ingredients are Kosher-Pareve.

What is the shelf life of Almondie Almond Butter?

The shelf life is around 1 year after opening.

After opening Almondie Almond Butter, be sure to store it in a cool dry place. Almondie does not need refrigeration.

What happens when the butter hardens and the oil separates to the top?

Almondie Almond Butter has a naturally smooth, creamy texture, and oil separation is normal. The natural oil will float to the top. Oil separation occurs naturally in our nut and seed butters, since they do not contain emulsifiers or stabilizers (additives that maintain texture).

Simply mix Almondie Almond Butter manually with a teaspoon until the oil and butter is recombined.

You can recombine Almondie with a hand mixer using one of the dough hook attachments. Place the dough hook inside the jar and turn on the mixer to the lowest setting to prevent the oil from splattering. Gradually increase the speed if necessary.

Are the almonds in Almondie 100% NON-GMO certified?

Yes! The almonds we use are 100% NON-GMO certified.

Click here for 100% NON-GMO certification

Is Almondie similar to peanut butter? Why is my jar of Almondie so creamy?

Almondie is an almond butter with an especially creamy texture and delicious taste.

You expected to receive a product with the firm texture you associate with peanut butter. Instead, Almondie naturally separates with the more solid butter underneath, and the top being more liquid.

This is why it is important to thoroughly mix Almondie together before use. Emulsifiers are the chemical ingredients that give peanut butter a firm consistency by combining the natural peanut oils with the ground peanuts. Our dedication to pure and raw ingredients means a creamier, purer texture without any preservative, additives or sugars added.

How can I prepare and serve Almondie?

• Eat it straight from the jar

• Almondie can be enjoyed as a delicious spread. Spread on whole wheat toast, rice cakes, crackers, or fruit

• Mix into yogurt

• Add it to thicken milk for children’s cereal

• Make it into a creamy salad dressing

• Blend it in your smoothies

• Eat Almondie and honey sandwiches, a perfect combination!

• Can be made into the purest almond milk in seconds. Simply blend 1 tbs. Almond Butter with 1 cup of water for the most wholesome almond milk that nature can offer.

The rich flavor and nutritional value of Almondie by Field of Nuts is great as a tasty, low-carb snack. High in healthy, monounsaturated fat, Almondie satisfies you and keeps you from snacking on less healthy options.