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FAQs: Max Sesame Tahini

What is the advantage of pre-sprouting the unhulled sesame seeds?

Max Sesame Tahini is made from organic, pre-sprouted, unhulled seeds. The advantage of using pre-sprouted seeds is that this is the stage at which the seeds contain the most nutrients and lead to maximum nutrient absorption.

During the pre-sprouted stage, the calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and other minerals in the sesame seeds bind with the proteins. Most sesame seed butters are made from hulled sesame seeds and must be lightly roasted in order to grind them.

Is Max roasted after sprouting?

Max Sesame Tahini is not roasted after pre-sprouting. We do not roast our seeds which we use for Max Sesame Tahini. Our Max Sesame Tahini is made from whole, unhulled sesame that stays in the raw state, and has an authentic taste.

How do we clean the sesame seeds before grinding them?

We invented a special machine which cleans our sesame seeds without chemicals or human contact. The advantage of this machine is that it ensures that the nutritional value of the hulls of the sesame seeds remain intact. A large part of the nutritional value is found in the hull of the sesame seed. Therefore Max Sesame gives you the MAX in nutrition.

How do we grind the raw, unhulled sesame seeds?

We also invented a special machine for grinding large quantities of raw sesame seeds at very low temperatures, without roasting them. This preserves their rawness, taste and nutritional value.

Most grinding machines that are sold in the market can only grind nuts and seeds once they’ve been roasted and are crunchy and easy to grind. Our patented machine is the only machine that can grind raw nuts and seeds without roasting them at all.

Does sprouting change the taste?

The pre-sprouting process means the taste of Max Sesame is a bit more earthy and may have a slightly more bitter flavor than hulled sesame butters, but once you try it and get used to it, we are sure you will love the pure, natural taste.

Does the hull make it more bitter?

Keeping the hull and the pre-sprouting process means the taste of Max Sesame is a bit more earthy and bitter than hulled sesame butters, but once you try it and get used to it, we are sure you will love the pure, natural taste.

Is Max Sesame Tahini more granular than regular Tahini?

Max Sesame is not more granular than regular Tahini. It has a nutty, smooth, spreadable texture.

What makes Max Tahini darker than the white tahinis? Also, why is there sometimes a variation in color?

Max Sesame Tahini appears dark because it is made from sesame seeds that are unhulled. The whole, outer seed coats are dark brown. The sesame seeds remain embedded in their seed coat, also known as a “hull.” Therefore, when grinding the whole, unhulled sesames, the color of the seed coats are shown in the final product. Sometimes we use sesame seeds that are dark brown, and sometimes very dark brown, which leads to a variation in color.

Is Max packed in glass?

Yes. Max Sesame Tahini is packed in glass in order to keep the freshness of the ground sesame seeds.

Is a heat process used when sealing the jars?

There is no heat involved, and the jars are not pressure sealed. Max Sesame Tahini is entirely packaged by using a cold process. The sealed, sterile glass jars are bubble wrapped to prevent contamination and protect the jars during transit.

As a nursing mother, why should I choose to add Max Sesame Tahini to my diet over any other Sesame Tahini on the market?

In addition to eating two or three tablespoons of Almondie Almond Butter which increases the quantity and quality of mother’s milk, add Max Sesame Tahini to your diet. Adding Max Sesame Tahini to your diet gives your body a boost of strength and makes mother’s milk more thicker and creamy-yellow.

Max Sesame Tahini is the most original Sesame Tahini on the market. It is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are absorbed quickly by the body more than similar products on the market.

The combination of the two butters leads to the healthiest nutrition for you and your baby. Your milk will be less acidic and more alkaline, and your baby will be calm and satisfied. Plus, you will feel less hungry!

Is Max Sesame Tahini Kosher?

Yes. Max Sesame Tahini is under the supervision of the Badatz Eida Chareidis in Jerusalem, Israel. Badatz Eida Chareidis is one of the most trusted kashrus agencies around the world. All of Field of Nuts Nut Butters’ ingredients are Kosher-Pareve.

Are the sesame seeds in Max Sesame Tahini organic and 100% NON-GMO certified?

Yes! Our Max Sesame Tahini is made from organic seeds and 100% NON-GMO certified.

Click here for USDA organic certification

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What is the shelf life of Max Sesame Tahini? Does it need refrigeration?

The shelf life is 1 year after opening. Max Sesame Tahini does need refrigeration after opening.

What happens when the tahini hardens and the oil separates to the top?

Max Sesame Tahini is naturally thick, and oil separation is normal. The natural oil will float to the top. Oil separation occurs naturally in our Tahinis since they do not contain emulsifiers or stabilizers (additives that maintain texture).

Simply mix Max Sesame Tahini manually with a teaspoon until the oil and Tahini are recombined.

You can recombine Max Sesame Tahini with a hand mixer using one of the dough hook attachments. Place the dough hook inside the jar and mix it on the slowest speed. Speed can be slowly increased if necessary.