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MAX Tahini

MAX Tahini

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Freshest Whole Sesames. Genuine Flavor. Superior Quality.

Enjoy the natural taste of raw, unroasted, whole (unhulled), pre-sprouted, USDA-certified organic MAX Tahini.

Our sesame seeds are soaked in cold water, pre-sprouted*, and immediately ground totally raw without roasting into a thick creamy butter. We use an innovative cold-press process when the sesames are at their nutritional peak without the use of any chemicals, additives, preservatives, salt, or sweeteners. When you eat MAX Tahini, your body will absorb 3.5 X more edible fiber , 4.0 X more iron , 4.7 X more calcium than from any other tahini on the market.

  • 100% raw, organic and packed with nutrition
  • All natural - contains no sugar, salt or additives
  • Cold pressed
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified kosher
  • Paleo, Keto and Whole30 approved
  • Manufactured in a peanut-free and soy-free facility

Order your Max Tahini today and enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Ingredients: 100% raw, whole (unhulled), pre-germinated organic sesame seeds.

Oil separation occurs naturally. Mix well before use. Refrigerate after opening to preserve freshness.

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FAQs: Max Sesame Tahini

MAX Sesame - raw (unroasted) seeds

MAX Sesame Tahini is made from the highest-quality raw (unroasted) sesame seeds, all the nutrients are preserved, giving you the most nutritious tahini possible.

Mr. Berman, the founder of JSC invented an exclusive machine for grinding raw sesame seeds without roasting them, thereby preserving the raw, whole nutrition of the sesame seeds. 

Grinding machines that are sold in the market can only grind sesame seeds once they’ve been roasted and are crunchy and easy to grind. Our machine is the only machine that can grind raw sesame seeds without roasting them. 

Thanks to the machines invented by Mr. Berman, we can enjoy organic, raw tahini that is very nutritious and easily absorbed by the body.

MAX Sesame —  pre-sprouted sesame seeds

Since ancient times in China, pre-sprouted sesame seeds have been commonly used as a food and medicine. Max Sesame is made from pre-sprouted sesame seeds which have just begun to germinate but haven’t yet sprouted. This is the stage at which they contain the most nutrients and lead to MAXimum nutrient absorption.

What is the difference between pre-sprouted and sprouted sesame seeds?

Pre-sprouted sesame seeds possess a tremendously high amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and chemo-protectants - all the energy, vitamins and nutrients necessary for it to transform from a small seed into a mature plant. Seeds that have just started to sprout have much more nutrients that you can digest than seeds that haven’t yet sprouted.

During the pre-sprouted stage the calcium, iron, zinc*, magnesium, and other minerals in the sesame seeds bind with the proteins. The binding of the protein and the minerals causes the vitamins and minerals to be more easily and effectively absorbed by the body than any other tahini on the market!

** Only MAX provides a high amount of natural zinc in the hulls. Other hulled sesame seed tahinis do not provide this mineral. Zinc is essential in the digestion of Omega 3.

MAX Sesame - whole, unhulled seeds

MAX Sesame is made from whole, unhulled sesame seeds which contain more nutrients and soluble fiber than hulled sesame seeds. Foods which contain fiber eases digestion and help you maintain a healthy weight. Fiber also helps lower cholesterol, control sugar levels, keeps you feeling full and satisfied for a long time, and is good for your digestive health.

Fiber Eases Digestion

MAX Sesame is high in fiber, which eases digestion and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

MAX Sesame’s high fiber content helps relieve constipation and helps maintain bowel health, therefore MAX Sesame is recommended to people who have difficulty with their digestive system. It’s recommended to give MAX Sesame to patients undergoing chemotherapy to prevent the common side effect of constipation.

MAX Sesame Tahini For MAXimum Nutrition Absorption

For years, people have been trying to benefit from the nutrition available in raw sesame seeds without grinding them. Eating them this way is unpleasant and inefficient as pre-sprouted sesame seeds have a strong, bitter taste and because they can’t be digested and absorbed properly by the body. 

Additionally, our teeth cannot grind the seeds sufficiently, so most of the sesame seeds are swallowed without being chewed and pass right through our digestive system, and are eliminated in the same form in which they were eaten. Therefore, a lot of their nutrients are not absorbed in the body.

People who are conscientious about eating healthy will love Max Sesame Tahini, the only raw, pre-sprouted, whole, unhulled, sesame seed butter. It’s extremely rich in nutrition which is easily absorbed by the body, easy to digest, and easy to eat as a spread, sauce, or in various recipes. Click here for delicious recipes.

Our Sesame Seeds Are Cleaned Without Chemicals

Before sesame seeds can be ground into tahini, they have to be properly sorted and washed in order to remove dirt and stones. Some tahini factories use a liquid chemical solution to wash the sesame seeds that causes the stones and dirt to separate from the sesame seeds. This kind of chemical solution also removes the hull of the sesame seeds, thereby removing valuable nutrition. 

Field of Nuts Unique Machinery Produces the Most Nutritious Tahini

Mr. Roger Berman, the founder of Jerusalem Sesame Company, using his knowledge in engineering which he acquired from Cornell University, invented a machine which has a way to clean the sesame seeds without chemicals or human contact. The advantage of this machine is that it ensures that the nutritional value of the hulls of the sesame seeds remains intact. A large part of the nutritional value is found in the hull of the sesame seed. Therefore, MAX Sesame gives you the MAX in nutrition.  

Mr. Berman also invented an exclusive machine for grinding large quantities of raw and unhulled sesame seeds at very low temperatures without roasting them, thereby preserving the raw, whole nutrition of the sesame seeds. 

Most grinding machines can only grind sesame seeds once they’ve been roasted and are crunchy and easy to grind. Our patented machine is the only machine that can grind nuts and sesame seeds 100% raw without roasting them. 

Thanks to this patented machine, many people will be able to eat high quality, pre-sprouted raw tahini!

No vitamin pill can substitute good nutrition

Want to savor the authentic taste of raw, whole (unhulled) sesame seeds? 

Enjoy MAX Sesame Tahini made from fresh, raw, pre-sprouted, unhulled organic sesame seeds. The sesame seeds are cleaned in cold water and then go through a patented grinding machine that uses a cold process without roasting. When you eat a tablespoon of MAX Sesame Tahini, within seconds an abundance of nutrients will absorb into your bloodstream giving you energy, leading to increased strength and vitality. 

There are so many ways to enjoy our MAX Sesame Tahini

• Eat it straight from the jar, 

• Spread on whole wheat toast

• Blend it in your green smoothies

• Make it into a creamy salad dressing (“tahini sauce,”) * 

• Eat MAX Sesame Tahini and honey sandwiches as a halva filling. The combination of the natural, authentic taste is brought out by the sweetness of the honey.**

*To make Tahini Dip: Blend or stir ¾ cup of water with ½ cup of MAX Sesame until well dissolved. Add lemon juice, salt and garlic to taste. You may add some crushed hummus to make a hummus-tahini dip. 

**Halva Spread: Mix equal amounts of MAX Sesame and honey. 

The rich flavor and nutritional value of MAX Sesame Tahini by Field of Nuts is a tasty, low-carb snack. A good source of healthy, monounsaturated fat, our MAX Sesame Tahini satisfies you and keeps you from snacking on less healthy options. 

Field of Nuts’ MAX Sesame Tahini has a natural, earthy, authentic flavor and texture. Just pure, unhulled, raw, organic sesame seeds! 

Who is MAX Sesame Tahini suitable for?

Our MAX Sesame Tahini is 100% raw and packed with nutrition. Its delicious, authentic taste and rich texture is all natural - it contains no salt or additives. Field of Nuts MAX Sesame Tahini is certified kosher, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free. Our MAX Sesame Tahini is Paleo, Keto and Whole30 approved and manufactured in a peanut-free facility.

View list of nutrients in MAX Sesame Tahini

Sesame seeds contains the following per 28 grams (2 tablespoons)


• Carbohydrates 2%

• Saturated Fat 2g 10% Total Fat 14g 21% Calories from Fat 116 

• Trans Fat 0g 0%

• Polyunsaturated Fat 1.6g. • Monounsaturated Fat 1.5g.

• Protein 5g

• Dietary Fiber 10%


• B1 30%

• B2 11%

• B3 11%

• B5 4%

• B6 2%

• B9 7%


• Calcium 27%

• Iron 23%

• Magnesium 6%

• Phosphorus 17% 

• Copper 23% 

• Zinc 12%

How MAX Sesame Tahini can boost your health and energy Level

• May reduce risk of disease such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease

• Highly nutritious. Tahini is full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals

• Keeps you satisfied for many hours

• Very high in calcium and iron which is essential for pregnant women and nursing mothers for building and strengthening the bones and healthy blood cells

• An ideal plant-based iron source 

• Rich in antioxidants

• Has antibacterial properties

• May reduce blood pressure and lower LDL

• Contains anti-inflammatory compounds which may reduce inflammation 

• Strengthens the central nervous system 

• May offer anticancer effects 

• Helps protect liver and kidney function

What are the high nutritional benefits of MAX Sesame?

Are you looking for a food high in calcium? Calcium prevents and delays osteoporosis.

Do you want your heart to stay strong and healthy? 

Do you feel sluggish during pregnancy? 

Do you need a boost of energy during pregnancy or nursing?  

Eating enough calcium helps prevent or delay osteoporosis. Especially important for menopausal women and to prevent bone loss in adults and calcium deficiency. Calcium is especially beneficial for pregnant women and nursing moms for building and strengthening bones and blood cells. Recommended for children for aiding proper growth and development of bones and teeth. In addition, calcium helps to regulate the heartbeat. 

There are four main nutritional benefits of unhulled sesame seeds

Iron Deficiency? Looking for a natural way to raise your iron levels and boost your energy? MAX Sesame raises iron levels.

Iron helps metabolize proteins and plays a role in the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells. MAX Sesame includes high amounts of iron and helps raise iron within two days of consumption. Medical professionals recommend eating iron to prevent fatigue, prevent anemia, and raise energy levels. 

Looking for a natural way to prevent anemia and osteoporosis and boost your immune and nervous system? 

Copper helps in the function of a healthy nervous system and prevents anemia and osteoporosis. It is involved in energy production and the formation of red and white blood cells, bone, and haemoglobin. Copper helps maintain healthy amounts of white blood cells, the cells responsible for identifying and fighting pathogens. Getting enough copper is therefore essential for proper immune function. 

Are you looking for a food high in dietary fiber to ease digestion?

MAX Sesame is high in dietary fiber, which keeps you feeling full for longer. Dietary fiber eases digestion and helps you maintain a healthy weight. MAX Sesame’s high dietary fiber content helps relieve constipation and helps maintain bowel health. MAX Sesame is recommended to people who have difficulty with their digestive system. Dietary fiber also helps to lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

MAX Sesame Tahini is recommended to patients undergoing chemotherapy to prevent the common side effect of constipation.  

Looking for a natural way to lower your cholesterol and prevent risk of heart disease? Lignans could be the answer

The health benefits of unhulled sesame seeds - lignans. Most sesame tahinis on the market are made from sesame seeds with their hulls removed. MAX Sesame is made from unhulled (whole) sesame seeds. The sesame hulls are rich in sesamin and sesamolin which are fibers called lignans. Research has shown that lignans are linked to the reduction of the risk of heart disease and lowering cholesterol levels.

Eat 2-3 Tbsp. of MAX Sesame Tahini to lower your cholesterol. 

Do you know that MAX Sesame Tahini contains a high amount of zinc? (21% of the RDI per 28 grams). MAX Sesame Tahini provides a natural source of zinc — an essential element in the absorption of Omega 3s 

MAX Sesame contains zinc, which is found in the seed and in the hulls. MAX Sesame is therefore more nutritious than most tahinis which are made from sesame seeds with the hulls removed. It’s important to get enough zinc to boost your immune system and to prevent catching colds. It’s also essential for skin growth and strengthens hair and nails.

Do you know that Sesame Seeds contain a high level of Omega 6 fatty acids? Omega 6 can aid diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, and ADHD.

Omega 6 helps lessen the risks of diabetic neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis and even allergies. Interestingly, there has been a correlation between Omega 6 and decreased symptoms of ADHD. These polyunsaturated fats are often used to help lower the risk of heart disease by decreasing “bad” or LDL cholesterol, and increasing “good” or HDL cholesterol.

  • Catrine R., San Francisco, California

    I come from the Middle East, where I was brought up eating tahini, which is a very popular and famous food in my country, along with hummus. When I first tasted MAX Sesame Tahini, to me the taste was rather strange and unfamiliar. I was used to white, hulled tahini. Over time, I got used to it and really grew to love the taste. I find that my body feels satisfied even with a small amount, and it makes me feel full for several hours. I feel my body really needs the goodness of MAX Sesame Tahini! MAX Sesame Tahini is a perfect food for body and soul!

  • Sarah J., Houston, Texas

    In Israel, tahini is a specialty and a tradition. Traditionally the sesame seeds were crushed into tahini by hand, with the help of a stick especially carved from an olive tree. I have a friend back in Israel who has a herd of sheep and produces his own olive ois. The people who live in this region, the Galilee, are very in touch with nature, and my friend, of course, has a great appreciation for natural products. 

    When I told him about Jerusalem Sesame Co., he said, “Wow! There must be a lot of people working very hard for this company. It takes a great deal of strength to make so much tahini by hand!” He was amazed to hear that the founder of Jerusalem Sesame Co. had invented a patented, unique machine that does all the grinding. He was doubly impressed when he learned that the machine grinds the sesame seeds cold, which conserves all their nutritional value. He said, “It’s amazing that so many people will be able to eat good quality tahini - it’s the best food in Israel!”