FAQs: Brazil Nut Butter

Should the amount of brazil nuts I eat per day be limited?

Brazil nuts should be limited to 1 - 6 per day, i.e. 5 - 30 grams per day due to high selenium content.

How many brazil nuts are in 1 tablespoon of Brazil Nut Butter?

1 tablespoon of Brazil Nut Butter contains approximately 2.5 to 3 brazil nuts.

What happens when Brazil Nut Butter hardens and the oil separates to the top?

Brazil Nut Butter’s oil is separated much quicker than our other nut and seed butters. The natural oil will float to the top. Oil separation occurs naturally in our butters since they do not contain emulsifiers or stabilizers (additives that maintain texture). Simply mix it manually with a teaspoon straight from the refrigerator, until the oil and butter is recombined.

Once the Brazil Nut Butter has been received, store it right away in the refrigerator.

Brazil Nut Butter has a tendency to harden within a few days of manufacture. When the butter becomes especially hard:

• It can be recombined with a hand mixer using one of the dough hook attachments.

• Before using the dough hook, take a knife and cut the nut butter into four pieces.

• Place the dough hook inside the jar.

• Turn on the mixer to the lowest setting to prevent the oil from splattering.

• Mix it at the slowest speed. Speed can be slowly increased if necessary until butter is smooth and creamy.

When purchasing a few jars at a time, I would recommend placing some of the Brazil Nut jars you received in the freezer until you wish to open them. Once opened, Brazil Nut Butter needs to be refrigerated.

IMPORTANT NOTE - It is natural for the Brazil Nut butter to be runny when manufactured. Mix well before use to ensure the texture thickens into a creamy, smooth butter. If not mixed completely, the butter may appear runny. Some natural separation may occur if the butter is not combined.

Are the brazil nuts in Brazil Nut Butter 100% NON-GMO certified?

Yes! The Brazil nuts we use are 100% NON-GMO certified.

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